3055 Rose Pinot Noir 2019 DO Penedès

Pale pink color. Fine fruit (donut peach, banana) and citrus (strawberry) aromas on the nose. Round entry to
he palate, giving way to good acidity that carries through to the end. Unfolds elegantly, culminating in a long
finish with persistent echoes of strawberry on retronasal.




About the winemaker

Many wines but very few tell one as incredible as the of Jean Leon.Each wine is a chapter in the fascinating life of Ceferino Carrión. A boy from Santander who have a story to tell, story stowed away on a boat bound for New York at the age of 19. He had a suitcase full of dreams and little more. When he arrived, he changed his name to Jean Leon and worked any job he could get. He was a cab driver, a busboy, and a waiter at Frank Sinatra’s restaurant. There he met the biggest stars in Hollywood, from Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe to Zsa Zsa Gabor and James Dean. With the latter, he realized his first big dream: to open the most famous restaurant in Beverly Hills, La Scala. Over the years, it became the top choice for the most influential names in cinema, music and politics thanks to Jean Leon’s charisma and discretion. He then set out to fulfill his second great ambition: to create a wine on a par with his select clientele. He searched the world for a place that would give his wines their own distinctive originality,character and identity. He found it in Spain, the Penedès. He replaced local varieties to make the first Cabernet Sauvignon in Spain. His decision paid off. So much so that Ronald Reagan chose the 1975 vintage of Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva to celebrate his inauguration at the white house. Today Jean Leon has once again reinvented itself to keep the story going.
“ The story of a man, a wine, a time.”


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