Ibérica Restaurants

Ibérica opened it’s first restaurant in London in 2008. The mission was simple: to introduce authentic Spanish cuisine to the UK, a country with so much gastronomic diversity, but commonly thought to be lacking in Spanish fare. It’s vision was to make dining at the restaurant an experience, as authentic as possible. With produce selected to ensure its dishes showcased the very best of Spain. Today, the family of restaurants has grown, and it continues to celebrate Spanish gastronomy, wine, beer and culture, giving diners a true Spanish experience.

A shared vision

Nacho and Marcos teamed up in 2007 to start working on their concept of a truly Spanish restaurant in London, built on the best ingredients and traditions of their homeland. The vision was to make dining at Ibérica the most authentic experience possible, showcasing the very best of Spain through selecting the best produce. Marcos and Nacho opened the first Ibérica restaurant in 2008 and based on its success, they’ve expanded the family, currently having five restaurants in the UK. The family of restaurants has grown but the vision remains: to celebrate Spanish gastronomy, wine and culture and offer diners an authentic taste of Spain.

Marcos Fernández Pardo

Marcos began his career in the music industry, in marketing and label management roles. After 15 successful years in the music business, Marcos was looking around for a fresh challenge and it was while he was in London that inspiration struck him. Like many of his countrymen, Marcos was dismayed by the lack of authentic Spanish cuisine in a city renowned for its gastronomic diversity. Vowing to do something about this, Marcos formulated a plan to open a restaurant that celebrated the real food of Spain. The only problem was, with no experience in the restaurant trade, he had little idea of all that was involved! Enter Nacho… 

Nacho Manzano

Our Michelin-starred Chef Director’s passion for food stems from cooking with his mother and grandmother at their home in the tiny village of La Salgar in the Asturias region of north-west Spain. This family house became the celebrated two Michelin starred restaurant Casa Marcial – a place of pilgrimage for all lovers of Asturian cuisine. Nacho subsequently opened La Salgar, which was awarded a Michelin star, and Gloria, named after Nacho’s beloved grandmother. Creative, innovative, and dedicated to doing justice to the outstanding ingredients of the area where he grew up, Nacho Manzano has established himself as one of Spain’s most exciting and talented chefs.

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