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Olives (G) 3.5
Bread with olive oil (VE) 4
Toasted bread with tomato (VE) 4.5
Anchovies  (G) 8.5
Boquerones (G) 6.5



Artisan cheese selection 13.5
San Simón, Massimo Rey Silo,Manchego Reserva, Peralzola and organic Sujaira

Manchego (G) 7.5
the iconic sheep cheese from Castilla La Mancha



Cecina  (G) 8.5
air cured beef with an intense smokey flavour

Sobrasada 8
served with honey and toasted bread

Trío of chorizos 8.5
one smokey, one spicy,one 100% Ibérico pork

Cured meat selection 13.5
spicy chorizo, Andoya, wild boar chorizo and cecina

Half & half selection 13.5
mixed cheese & cured meats



Our jamón Ibérico is made from 100% pure-breed, black Iberian pig. These pigs mature slowly; freely-roaming the Spanish countryside, grazing in fields and acorn woods

Juan Pedro Domecq (G) 12/23
four times awarded 3 gold stars as best Ibérico ham, cured for 42 months

COVAP Alta Expresión (G) 12/23
cured for over 36 months in a traditional way

BEHER Bernardo Hernández (G) 10/20
cured for over 26 months in a traditional way

Trio de jamones (G) 23



Tomato, avocado & basil (VE)(G) 8.5
seasonal tomato with avocado, caperberries and a tomato water & basil oil emulsion

Aubergine steak (VE)(G) 10
griddled aubergine steak, vegetable glaze, ceps, walnuts and lemon rocket

Beetroot, pickled fennel & orange salad (G)(VE)(VO) 9
with crumbled goat’s cheese and caramelised walnuts

Patatas bravas (V)(VO) 7.5
with brava sauce and alioli

Confit artichoke (VE)(G) 7.5
whole artichoke served with lemon zest

Padrones (VE)(G) 7
Galician Padrón peppers and sea salt


Croquetas 7.5/14.5
with serrano ham. Handmade to Nacho’s Grandmother’s recipe

Tortilla (G)(V) 8.5
potato & onion Spanish omelette made with Cackleberry Farm eggs


Hake with cider 12
Hake cooked in an Asturian cider sauce
with mussels and potatoes

Pulpo (G) 14.5
grilled octopus with potatoes
and pimentón de la Vera

Gambas (G) 11.5 (G)
prawns in garlic sauce


Twice Cooked Lamb (G) 12 
with marinated cherry tomatoes & red peppers from

Albondigas 10
Beef meatballs with a Massimo Rey Silo cheese sauce and padrones

Pitu chicken rice (G) 12.5
free-range cockerel with piquillo pepper and saffron. A signature dish from Casa Marcial

Pluma Ibérica 15
free-range pure Ibérico pork, served with mojo rojo sauce, rosemary potatoes and peppers

Ribeye (G) 22
grass-fed Black Angus, 28-day aged steak with potato wedges and a roasted vegetable purée




We serve traditional Valencian dry-style paellas, which form a crunchy base during cooking, called “socarrat”. Our rice dishes take a little longer to prepare and will arrive after your tapas.

Chicken paella (for two) (G) 30
with chicken and vegetables

Seafood paella (for two) (G) 31.5
with prawns, squid and langoustines



Crema Catalana foam (V) 6
with apple baked in cider and salted caramel ice cream

Churros with chocolate (V) 6.5
glorious pastries and melted chocolate, an Ibérica classic

Caramelised Spanish rice pudding (G)(V) 6.5
a signature dish from Casa Marcial


What's  on?

Enjoy our food at home

Enjoy a night in, with our tapas delivered to your door! We’ve brought back some of our old loved classics, specially for our delivery and take away menu.

Keeping you safe

Our priority is your safety, you will see we continue to use face masks to keep each other safe, and we kindly remind our guests to wear face masks  and maintain social distance when moving around the restaurant too. You’ll see antibacterial gel stations, regular hand washing and the continual sanitising of  high touch surfaces.

We’d like to ensure you, our restaurants are safe places to be, being equipped with the industry’s leading ventilation systems, circulating fresh neutralised air at least every 3 minutes, eliminating any airborne viruses. You will also see antibacterial doormats in place in the restaurants, to further ensure a hygienic environment.