500 gr Frozen Fabes
3lt Mineral water
1ud smoked chorizo
1ud smoked black pudding
200g desalted pork belly
96 GR Onions Brown Hiam/Spanish
6 GR cloves garlic
50ml Olive Oil Pomace.
8 g Sweet Paprika
5 gr Fresh Parsley
0.05 gr Saffron.
C/s Table Salt.


1- Take a 34 cm diameter saucepan and add the beans with the mineral water, onion, parsley and garlic.
2- We bring to a boil, skim off the foam and scare the fabes with a little cold mineral water.
3- Add the pancetta, chorizo, morcilla.
4- Add the mixture together with olive oil and paprika.
5 – Lower the heat to a minimum so that it has smooth but constant cooking. Always with a cover (lid).
6- After an hour more and lest , remove the parsley so that it does not fall apart.
7- Once the beans are cooked, let them warm up in the pot, and remove to a gastronorm pan, the compango that we will keep in, save.
8- Strain the beans into a gastronorm with holes and strain the

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