Cilar de Silos 2019 DO Ribera del Duero

Sharp, fresh strawberry & fennel.

Grapes harvested from the highest altitude 750m and from old vineyards  that brings salty (mineral) flavours to the wine and complexity.









Ideal with pasta, salads, fish and rice dishes.


About the producer

The Aragon family has been historically linked to wine and with working traditions related to wine with the best results in the area for many years. Although the winery was inaugurated in 1970, Amalio Aragon had already begun buying small plots with high quality vines, waiting for the right moment to complete his dream of becoming a winery owner. The first harvest of Cillar de Silos was in 1995. Today, three of Amalio´s children run the winery. Roberto Aragon is Manager and is responsible for winery sales; Óscar Aragón, who studied Enology and is the Technical Director responsible for viticulture and winemaking of Cillar de Silos wines and Amelia Aragon who is in charge of exporting the wines around the world. The search for old vines is a continuous investment in the vineyard, which sets the Aragon family apart from the rest. The use of new technology and the best barrels on the market also makes this winery stand out along with the legacy passed on by previous generations.


Pale pink colour.

Nose: Fruity (wild fruits (strawberries and raspberries), aromatic herbs and fennel.

Mouth: Dry, with a good body and long lingering due to its stupendous


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