Cecina de León IGP. Air cured beef 100g

Cecina de León is a Smoked Cured Beef made from mature cattle.

The meat is dried slowly to a succulent and cured condition, smoking it with a special aroma and flavour which can only be obtained through years of experience.




Dietary needs:



Drizzle with Extra Virgen Olive Oil and serve as an appetiser or part of a tapas selection.
Red wine, the perfect pairing with the two gastronomic gems of León.


About the producer

A family company devoted to the production of authentic Spanish foods in a traditional way for over 60 years and through three generations. Based in Geras de Gordón, a small village 1200 meters above the sea. The area enjoys a microclimate characterised by long and dry winters with frequent frosts which constitute the perfect conditions to cure meats.


12 months, air-curing, oak smoked . ‘Beef ham’ made from the best hind legs of mature cattle and undergoes a unique production process in Spain and internationally. At Ibérica we select a specific cut from the cecina with extra juicy marbling.


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