What’s it like to work at Ibérica?

Experiencia, Gastronomia, Autenticidad

At Ibérica everything we do is based around these three words; experience, gastronomy, authenticity. For everyone visiting our restaurants, we strive to ensure these pillars are met. We ensure the service is both warm and friendly, whilst being efficient and professional, our kitchen teams create elaborate and beautiful dishes, whilst our bar team source the best wines and experiment with the tastiest cocktails. We do all of this remembering our Spanish roots and culture.

Our family values

These are our family values, which all of us at Ibérica live by, whatever role we have. They’re about how we treat our guests and each other. If we remain true to these values, we’ll give our guests outstanding experiences, we’ll feel good doing it and our restaurants will be very happy places to be!

Proud – confident and expressive

Creative – Innovative and modern

Obsessive – Professional and Passionate

Welcoming – Approachable and Friendly

Learning & Development

A career in hospitality can be thriving. A journey full of discoveries, personal and professional growth. It takes passion and determination, a great sense of guest service and team play, too! Growth and training are embedded in our culture, and at Iberica we will do everything we can to help you develop your career, however far you want to go. Our Management teams and Head Office are around 90% internal promotion, and we want you to fill their shoes. We create and deliver training opportunities every day, from briefings, to group sessions, state of the art training platform and more. Have a peak at our Iberica Journey here (link to 1st year In Iberica training program?)

Our commitments to each other We all want our time at Ibérica to be as rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable as possible

So, as a group, we all make these commitments to each other:

  1. We will treat each other fairly, without discrimination, and always look to support each other in our work.

2. We will make sure that the place where we work is a safe, inclusive and positive environment.

3. We will all make the most of our skills. Ibérica will make sure that all of our employees have access to high-quality training programmes, so that everyone can develop their skills and progress as far as their talents, hard work and ambition can take them.

4. We will respect each other and value each other’s work and time – so we will always be punctual.

5. We encourage the use of English whilst at work in our attempt to make the workplace as inclusive as possible

6. We operate an open door policy, and encourage you to reach out if you are struggling, we are here to help in any way we can!

Everyone at Ibérica takes these commitments seriously, not just because we believe it’s right that we do, but because we know that it’s only when we work together as a well-trained, confident and professional team that we can deliver the outstanding experiences we promise our guests and extraordinary career journeys for our teams!

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