Our chefs are trained by Valencian paella masters so that you can experience the dish as it was intended – bursting with flavour and the very essence of Spain

If Spain were a restaurant then paella would probably be its signature dish. It is said in Spain that paella has as many recipes as there are cooks, but everyone would agree that the original recipe was born in Valencia. Our team of Iberica chefs travelled to the Valencian heart and trained with paella masters so as they could bring you the truest possible taste of this classic Spanish dish.

Of all the paella’s, the best known is arguably one made with seafood, with the main ingredient of a traditional ‘Paella Valenciana’ being chicken. However, what really makes the difference in a paella is not the meat, it’s the rice; the type that absorbs liquid but does not dry out. The quantity of rice, the stock and the pan which the paella is cooked in are also key to achieving perfect results.

The word ‘Paella’ actually refers to the pan, not the meat or type of rice and contrary to popular belief, traditional paella would not be served in a large pan filled up with plenty of rice, more so, the old-fashioned Spanish way involves a small, special pan with a very thin layer of rice – a unique stock is then used to slowly cook the rice, adding deep flavour and as a by-product producing the ‘Socarrat’, a key feature to identify paella cooked following the traditional recipe.

Socarrat is the caramelised stock that is not absorbed by the rice, but stays at the bottom of the pan. To unleash the toasty and amazing flavours of a paella, Spanish people scrape the socarrat from the bottom of the pan and mix it in with the rest of the rice before serving – a simple step that makes a huge difference to the overall flavour.

Here at Ibérica, we cook all of our paellas following the traditional Valencian recipe and in order to please everyone’s taste buds, we serve the traditional ‘Paella Valenciana’ with chicken, along with seafood and vegetarian versions.

We are truly committed to bringing this Spanish classic to everyone who wants to experience it the way it should be.

Paella Valenciana with chicken

seafood paella socarrat

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