Enter into the spirit of Spanish Carnival, from the 8th February to the 8th March, and enjoy a different #Carnival_Iberica cocktail every week.

Carnival is celebrated across the whole of Spain, but each town has its own unique style of celebration. One thing they all have in common is the desire to have a really good time. Festivities tend to take place in the street, often lasting for days depending on the city, with parades, costumes, contests and street theatre.

Originally Carnival was a Roman celebration called ͚͛carnevale͛͛, which can be traced back to Lent. Before bidding farewell to certain passions such as meat during the Lent period, parties took place in which people ate and drank without control.

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Tenerife Carnival cocktail (22th February -28th February)

Tenerife͛’s carnival is the second most popular in the world, right after Rio de Janeiro. The Canary Islands are famous for their honey rum, which is what inspired us to create this recipe. The Tenerife cocktail has tropical flavours made with a sweet Canarian honey rum, peach, almond liqueur, fresh lemon, orange and cranberry juice. It is available in all our restaurants until the 28th February, for just £8.



Cadiz Carnival cocktail (8th February -14th February)

We kick off our carnival season on the 8th February with the Cadiz Carnival cocktail. Made with two different sherries: the salty sea air “Manzanilla” and the dry and walnut “Amontillado“, mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice and mint. The cocktail will be available in all of our restaurants until the 14th February, priced at £8.


Barcelona Carnival cocktail (15th February -21st February)

Only a few miles away from Barcelona, carnival takes places each year in the coastal Catalan city of Sitges. Catalonia is famous for Cava, but it is also well-known for Vermouth. Our Barcelona Carnival cocktail is made with a premium Catalan Vermouth, vodka, raspberries, cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice and a sprig of Mediterranean rosemary. This fruity and refreshing drink is available in all our restaurants until the 21st February for just £8.


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