Sobrasada from Menorca (Spicy) 400g

Sobrasada is a type of sausage from Balearic Islands, in this case from Subaida farm in Menorca.

Made from a mixture of lean meat and pork bacon. This mixture is minced and seasoned with different spices. Especially the sweet and spicy paprika that gives it its characteristic red color.



Dietary needs:



Add a spicy, meaty kick to a pizza, spread on toast or enjoy with fried eggs and a glass of Rioja Crianza.


About the producer

Subaida: a Georgian-style estate from the mid-19th century, full of history, started making cheese in 1930 and soon after making sobrasada witht he meat of their pigs that they roam freely over acres of oaks and pines, eating newly fallen acorns and drinking freshly drawn whey. Their all-natural diet and peaceful lifestyle make Subaida pigs healthy and strong: just what is needed for exquisite meat.


1 month, air-curing. Due to it’s soft texture and paprika seasoning, it could be described as ‘chorizo pate’. Similar product to Italian Nduja.


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