San Simón DOP 250g

Smoked cheese made from raw or pasteurized cow’s milk from the Rubia Gallega, Parda-Alpina and Friesian breeds and cross-breeds, with a minimum 30-day ripening period. It has a distinctive shape, like a large spinning top, with a flat base and a pointed tip.





Dietary needs:




It pairs perfectly with walnuts and quince and accompany it with a white wine from the Rias Baixas


About the producer

Queixeiros da Chaira S.L is the company that brings together the producers of the Denomination of Origin San Simón da Costa for the export of this cheese under the brand MAGUS.

The D.O of San Simón da Costa is located in Galicia (Spain) and comprises several municipalities of the province of Lugo.


Maturated during a period of 45 days and smoked with a selection of birch shavings. Is the oldest recognised cow’s milk cheese in Spain, and maybe the world.


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