Regañás Don Pelayo 35g Bag (3Units)

Typical Andalusian product, dates back to one thousand years. As part of the Mediterranean diet, it is considered a healthy food, with a low caloric intake, and ideal to eat at any time of the day.

Cereal soups were heated excessively and this resulted in a compact and rich bread, suitable for storage and consumption during long trips. This is how the Regaña became a basic piece of food for ship´s crews and soldiers, who would eat that piece of flat bread as the only sustenance of the day.



Dietary needs:




Accompaniment for Tapas, appetisers, cured meats, and cheeses.


About the producer

The only Regañas made by hand, one by one, without emulsifiers or preservatives of any kind. Don Pelayo was founded by sommelier, David de Castro with an enthusiasm and gift for discovering the organoleptic nuances of products.


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