Peralzola Blue 250g

This cheese is made with the best selected sheep’s milk, becoming the only cheese of its kind in Asturias.





Dietary needs:



Peralzola can be served alone on a cheese board with uince and dry fruit, as an aperitif, spread on toasted bread and very suitable for preparing all kinds of sauces.
Sweet wines, whether white, red or desserts wines.


About the producer

La Peral is a family run bussiness founded in 1923 in Asturias, at 600m high overlooking the sea, they produce artisanal cow and sheep milk blue cheeses that they age in natural cellars under their factory.


Minimun 30 days aging in a natural cellar. Made in a similar way to Roquefort.
It has a blue-green veined yellow cut, of variable intensity, soft and moist touch. Intense aromas of ripening together with mold. In the mouth it is melting of intense flavors


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