Pazo de Lusco 2020 DO Rías Baixas

Elegant, floral & tropical.









Ideal with hot tapas, fish gratin and baked, pasta and rice.


About the winemaker

Adega, Pazo de Luscos: The winery joined the Gonzalez Byass family of wine in 2016, Pazos de Lusco is an artisanal Rías Baixas producer crafting elegant and expressive Albariño wines. Located just 2 kilometres from the Portuguese border in the sub-region of Condado de Tea, the wines are characteristic of this inland region, typically richer and fuller than their coastal counterparts. At the heart of the estate lies the majestic manor house, known as Pazo Piñeiro, which dates back to the 16th century. Surrounding the Pazo are 5 hectares of vineyards, with vines trained in the traditional Pergola system; on high trellises to maximize sun exposure and increase air circulation to maintain perfectly healthy bunches of grapes. Lusco, meaning ‘sunset’ in the local Galician dialect.


The grapes are manually harvested and transported in small boxes, to keep the berries intact. Once grapes reach the winery, the best bunches are selected on a triage table. A combination of long, cold macerations (12 hours) with shorter ones (4-6 hours), in which the grapes are directly pressed to give to the wine complexity and freshness. Using native yeasts they carry out different fermentations. In addition, producers are able to carry out lengthy aging on lees (5 months), which will produce wines that linger on the palate without losing their freshness.


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