Pasos de Capula 2020 DO Castilla la Mancha

Rich ,ripe soft berry fruit & touch of spice.








Ideal with roast meats, fish, stews, cold cuts and cheeses, especially soft cheeses.


About the winemaker

Bodegas Abanico began in the autumn of 2006 when Rafael de Haan and Nuria Altes decided to make their own wine in Celler Batea, Terra Alta. They thought they could create something special from the old vine Garnacha, both red and white, and Syrah in Terra Alta. The resulting wine Las Colinas del Ebro which has since developed into a successful brand. They realized that they could improve on what was currently being produced by wineries in terms of wine quality and packaging and create a unique product. Since 2006 Rafael and Nuria have developed numerous brands from all over Spain and continue to search out great wines, regions, and projects to add to their range. Today, they are confident that every wine justifies its place in their portfolio and represents true quality, regional authenticity, varietal character, as well as great value.


The balanced Pasos de la Capula Tempranillo from Spain is a pure wine, vinified from the Tempranillo grape variety. After harvesting, the grapes reach the winery in the fastest way. Here you will be selected and carefully broken up. Fermentation is then carried out in a stainless-steel tank at controlled temperatures. After its end, the Pasos de la Capula Tempranillo can continue to harmonise on the fine yeast for a few months.


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