Organic Smoked Asturian Chorizo 250g

Add an authentic touch to any meal with this Organic Smoked Asturian Chorizo with a delicious Spanish flavour. This chorizo is one of the specialities that best represents the Spanish charcuterie tradition. Organic Smoked Asturian Chorizo is made from a mixture of pork and beef meat, rich and deeply flavoured, it will bring incredible depth of flavour to many dishes. Produced by Bienastur, a family business founded in 1954 in Oviedo, northwest of Spain, this chorizo is made with natural ingredients sourced locally and retains the traditional flavours of Asturian fresh cooking meats.

  • Organic Smoked Asturian Chorizo, made from a mixture of pork and beef produced from free range cattle.
  • Produced in Oviedo, Asturias this product contains 250g of pork and beef and is produced using Pietrain and Landrace cattle.
  • Gluten free.
  • For a delicious touch boil the chorizo separately or add it to a stew for extra flavour.



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