OO O-Med Arbequina Smoked with Olive Pits 250ml

At 700 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of the legendary mountain Sierra Nevada in the Andalusian province of Granada, lies the distinctive olive grove where Omed Olive Oil is produced. For generations the company has harvested their own olive trees, creating Omed Smoked Olive Oil which combines perfectly with a slight touch of smoke. The result is harmonious with sweet notes alongside hints of vanilla and caramel. This smoked olive oil is just perfect for tomato dishes, sauces, or soups, it also makes a great topping for grilled meats and fish.

  • Omed Smoked Olive Oil is an arbequina olive oil with an aroma derived from the burning of olive pits.
  • Produced in Andalucía using Arbequina Olives, each bottle contains 250ml of olive oil.
  • Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light.
  • By using this Omed olive oil you will add the earthy aroma to your culinary creations, perfect for tomato dishes, sauces, or soups.




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