Morcilla de Burgos with Rice 350g

Spain has many regional variations of black pudding, known as morcilla in Spanish. Morcilla de Burgos originates in Castile and Leon and has a dry firm texture, due to the inclusion of rice, onion, and cumin as a seasoning. Incredibly delicious, Morcilla de Burgos is hand-crafted by a family business using selected spices including cumin, black pepper and cloves. After elaboration, this morcilla is cooked twice when cooking the mixture and then once the filling has been put into the natural tripe, making the morcilla easier to digest. It develops its unique flavour and then it is left to settle before it is vacuum packed.

  • Aromatic, slightly spicy with a soft texture, Morcilla de Burgos is made with rice and is delicately flavoured with cumin.
  • Produced in Burgos, Spain this black pudding weighs 350g.
  • Contains no allergens.
  • Delicious fried with eggs or baked in the oven with piquillo peppers.



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