Majuelo PX Vinegar 250ml

Produced from the sweet Pedro Ximenez grape variety. It is aged in oak barrels following the traditional system of Soleras y Criaderas. The PX grape is left in the sun to dry giving a sweet aroma to this special Sherry Vinegar.




Game, duck, red meats, mature cheeses, and desserts.


About the producer

El Majuelo is a family-run company in Jerez, Spain. Joaquin’s family has been making sherry vinegar in Jerez for 4 generations. A trained winemaker and cellarmaster, Joaquin took over the business from his father. He uses traditional criaderas and soleras process of transferring vinegars from barrel to barrel over a period of many years, giving the vinegars their unique character. El Majuelo is known as one of the top artisan sherry producers in the region.


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