LC Piquillo de Lodosa 260g

Piquillo peppers from Lodosa La Catedral de Navarra are Piquillo peppers from Mendavia, Lodosa.

Made from extra category red piquillo peppers, La Catedral de Navarra roasts its peppers in a direct flame and without any contact with water during the whole production process, a characteristic that allows them to conserve all their intense flavour without being dissolved by the water.
To achieve this, La Catedral de Navarra peppers are peeled by hand and processed in a completely artisan way.




About the producer

La Catedral de Navarra started as a small jar sealing business dating back to the Spanish Civil War when soldiers’ families would preserve foods for their sons and daughters. Since then their aim has been to obtain the best vegetables and preserve their flavour in tact.


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