Juan Pedro Domecq 100% Ibérico Ham 100g

Hand carved 100% Iberico ham from Juan Pedro Domecq, DO Jabugo.

Black Label. ‘Jamón de bellota’

Cured for 3 & 1/2 years.

This jamón is an artisan delicacy with a limited production of only 3,000 legs per year to ensure quality.  The pigs live free roaming in the Dehesa (acorn woods), feeding on acorns and other natural products which contribute to the strong rich and nutty flavour you can taste with this ham.

Fancy carving your own ham? You can purchase the leg too

Winner of Indy Best 2021 Best jamón Ibérico

Winner of 3 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards






Dietary needs:




Bread crakers, toasted bread with tomato or Favourite Tapas Selection.
Manzanilla sherry is considered one of the best choices for pairing with Ibérico Ham.


About the producer

Juan Pedro Domecq. Originally the Domecq family was one of the main winemaking families in Spain. In 1970 Juan Pedro Domecq Solís began the breeding of the 100% Iberian pig on his estate in Lo Álvaro, Seville. In an ambitious search to create the most exquisite ham, Juan Pedro relied on different studies carried out in collaboration with several Spanish universities. The result is found in a unique variety: the 100% Iberian Lampiño-Marmellado pig.


The production process is completely artisanal.


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