Domecq Acorn fed 100% Iberico Presa/Little Loin Hand-Sliced 80g

A delicate piece with the perfect balance between meat and fat, with a strong taste and aroma.

It is made of a single meat piece , named “presa ”, considered one of the juiciest and best quality cuts in the pig. Each animal has only two of these pieces, that weight , approx. 300 gr. each. The presas are cured for approx. 6 months in the drying cellars. Coming only from 100% Pure Iberico pigs.



Dietary needs:




You can eat it by itself, put it on a slice of bread with some tomato or bread crakers.
It pairs best with Sherry.
Great also with a rich Spanish Cava, fruity Ribera del Duero or a light Rioja Crianza with good acidity.


About the producer

Juan Pedro Domecq S.L. is a family business dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of Iberian products. It combines a long family tradition in the field of food distribution, with a second passion: animal husbandry, which has also earned a great reputation worldwide.


These pigs are raised free roaming in the ranches, in the midst of the Spanish Dehesa (acorn woods), feeding mainly on natural products, specially the “bellota” for a long 4 month “Montanera” season.


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