Domecq Acorn fed 100% Iberico Chorizo Hand-Sliced 80g

Domecq Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Chorizo is manufactured with top quality Iberico pig meat, selected exclusively for this purpose. The secret is in the quality of the meat, which is simply flavored with paprika and spices, following the traditional recipes of the Jabugo Area.

The meat comes from  100% Iberico Bellota Pigs. Only the best quality 100% Iberico Bellota meat is employed; the fat infiltration in the meat gives the Chorizo its special texture.





Dietary needs:




Ready to eat and can be used in cooking also.
It pairs best with red wines with ripe fruit.


About the producer

Juan Pedro Domecq S.L. is a family business dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of Iberian products. It combines a long family tradition in the field of food distribution, with a second passion: animal husbandry, which has also earned a great reputation worldwide.


After 4 months drying the cellars, in Cortegana, in Sierra de Huelva, the Chorizo is ready to eat.


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