Chorizo from León (Spicy) 100g

Spicy Chorizo from Geras de Gordón, made following the traditional recipe in an artisanal way without adding any preservatives or artifical colours.

Cured for a minimun of 40 days on a light Oak or Holm Oak firewood.




Dietary needs:



Ready to eat and can be used in cooking also.
We recommend Spicy Chorizo to be paired with a light and crisp wine.


About the producer

A family company devoted to the production of authentic Spanish foods in a traditional way for over 60 years and through three generations. Based in Geras de Gordón, a small village 1200 meters above the sea. The area enjoys a microclimate characterised by long and dry winters with frequent frosts which constitute the perfect conditions to cure meats.


40 days, air-curing, oak smoked Combines the best cuts of pork, mixed with salt from the Mediterranean, natural garlic and hot Pimentón de La Vera. It is then naturally cured for several months and slightly smoked.


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