Chorizo from León (Mild) 100g

Chorizo from Geras de Gordón, made following the traditional recipe in an artisanal way without adding any preservatives or artifical colours.

Cured for a minimun of 40 days on a light Oak or Holm Oak firewood.





Dietary needs:



Ready to eat and can be used in cooking also.
It pairs best with red wines with ripe fruit.


About the producer

A family company devoted to the production of authentic Spanish foods in a traditional way for over 60 years and through three generations. Based in Geras de Gordón, a small village 1200 meters above the sea. The area enjoys a microclimate characterised by long and dry winters with frequent frosts which constitute the perfect conditions to cure meats.


40 days, air-curing, oak smoked Combines the best cuts of pork, mixed with salt from the Mediterranean, natural garlic and Pimentón de La Vera. It´s then naturally cured for several months and slightly smoked.


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