Basque Guindilla Chillis (Piparras) 150g

Guindillas are small green peppers from the Basque Country. Thin, and slightly long with a green yellowish colour and soft skin, Basque Guindilla Chillis are quintessentially Spanish. Authentically pickled in white wine vinegar of low acidity and a small amount of EVOO, Guindilla peppers are sharp and piquant and are normally eaten as a tapa or with pickles. They also make an excellent pizza topping, a brilliant addition to a cheese sandwich or to bring a refreshing piquancy to rich foods such as a terrine or a plate of charcuterie.

  • Basque Guindilla Chillis are pickled in vinegar, giving these hot Spanish chillies a sharp tang.
  • Produced in La Rioja, Spain, this product weighs 150g.
  • May contain sulphites.
  • These whole green chillies can be eaten as they are straight from the jar, or paired with cheese and charcuterie for a spread.



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