Basa 2020 DO Rueda

Intense, lemon & pineapple.










Ideal with Fish paellas, Hake, salads, grilled seafood, seafood stew.


About the producer

Telmo Rodriguez: Telmo Rodriguez is one of the most well-known personalities in Spanish winemaking. For more than 30 years Telmo and his business partner Pablo Eguzkiza have been rediscovering and recovering historic regions and vines around Spain. Buying vineyards and investing in the infrastructure and preserving vineyards not just flying in as is often the perception. The company, which has made a living from good value labels like Rueda?s Basa, has always partnered with local winegrowers in order to increase their knowledge of each area and their most traditional wines. The pair have worked hard to reflect distinctive vineyards planted in historical sites. Soil and landscape prevail over grape varieties ?to blur the winemakers? footprint, a mix of materials and vessels are used for fermentation and aging

About the winemaker

Made by Telmo Rodriguez, one of Spain’s best-known winemaking talents, and is beautifully sleek and elegant.


From the towns: La Seca, Serrrada, Pozaldez, Foncaston, located on gravel soils from river terraces, erosion slopes and glacis, and using vertical trellis and pruning in cordon royat, with manual and mechanical harvesting, fermented and matured in deposits of stainless steel, shows Basa, the expression of a variety of grape, the “Verdejo” that adapted to a continental climate, gives rise to a direct, fresh and expressive wine.


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