Our Ethos

Our Social Responsibility

At Ibérica we strive to sustain a responsible company committed to the welfare of people and the world around us.

We’re working on projects such as Food Made Good to ensure we continue to work towards being more sustainable and pro-active in our environment. This includes actions such as developing our menus to include more seasonal vegetable dishes and reducing animal-based produce, ensuring our meat and fish are from responsible suppliers. By embracing innovation and creativity we also create 0% waste dishes, developing dishes to reduce our food waste. This is quite a core value in Spanish culture, and one we’re proud to introduce into an increasing number of dishes in the restaurant.

Aswell as ensuring the food we serve reaches your table with the lowest environmental impact, we also look out for the environment around us socially. Each year we pledge to work alongside charities for different events and fundraising opportunities, to give a little back to society. Being in the food and beverage industry, it feels right to support those struggling to meet the basics of food and water by our annual partnerships with the charity such as Action against Hunger. We also support a diverse range of other charities such as Freedom from Torture and NSPCC through event participation and caterings to hosting fundraising events at our restaurants.

We are extremely proud of our organisation and the team we have assembled to support it.  Our employment policies and procedures aim to ensure everyone in our team is treated fairly and consistently. We aim to provide the highest standards of quality and service in everything we do.  We adopt a number of principles in preparing our employment policies to help us achieve this:

  • Provide pay and benefits that are fair and competitive for the job.
  • Reflect a sensitivity to the attitudes and views of all our employees.
  • Promote high standards of occupational health and safety.
  • Fully promote and utilise knowledge, skills and experience to maximise the efficient and timely operation of our activities.
  • Whenever possible, address future needs by offering development opportunities and advancement to employees with ability, ambition and integrity.

At Ibérica everyone has an important part to play from senior management to junior roles, and we are all reliant upon each other to generate a harmonious and efficient working environment.

We strive to employ a diverse range of people, from all cultures, backgrounds, tastes and experience welcoming difference within our team. We are proud to generate a culture where everybody feels at their best. For us, this plays a crucial role in helping us create a memorable experience for both our team and our guests. In this, we consider any reasonable adjustments to policies and procedures to facilitate and encourage a fair and welcoming work environment for all.

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