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The month of Murcia


murCia, the first stop for 2020 and sixth destination on our regional tour of Spain.

“Murcia is known as ‘La Huerta de Europa,’ Europe’s Orchard. It was really quite special to grow up in a place where before your meal you would visit the orchard to choose which tomato, pepper, aubergine, orange and lemon you would like to eat that day at your table. Family mealtimes in Murcia are long, with lots of fresh food and a wide variety of vegetables. What cannot be missing from the table is a good plate of “Pisto Murciano,” a simple but tasty dish made with soft fried vegetables in tomato sauce, much like the one on our specials menu. You can dip a whole loaf of bread without even noticing! One of the greatest memories I have is going with my grandad to pick figs and lemon leaves from the trees to make the unique dessert “paparajote”. A recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation and I will teach it to my children one day!” Elena Madruga - General Manager, Ibérica Canary Wharf

The fertile valleys of Murcia make it known as one of Europe’s best vegetable-producing regions and high quality fruit and vegetables feature heavily in many of Murcia’s traditional dishes.

It’s a region known for its excellent food and the rich coastline means that seafood also plays a big part in their gastronomic identity. Proud of its own foods and culinary traditions, Murcia offers all kinds of local specialities and unique dishes not found anywhere else.

Beaches may be the first thing you think of when it comes to Murcia, but along with vegetables, their wines are well worth discovering. Home of the Monastrell grape, Murcia’s coastal and rural landscape offers a high concentration of vineyards producing powerful and tasty wines.

In previous years the Murcian wines of the Bullas and Jumilla areas have undergone a great transformation.  In the past, winemakers were focused on creating wines with bold colours and power to compete with wines from other regions. However, in recent years the wines have become recognised throughout the world, with body and true Mediterranean character.

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