Ibérica Regional Tour

Join us as we explore the different regions of Spain.



Asturias is a very beautiful part of northern Spain. It is a region with rivers, lush meadows, mountainous peaks and many beaches along its beautiful northern coast. Its climate can be not too dissimilar to the UK’s, at times. Not the Spain of hot sun and tourist beaches!

Asturias is known for having its own cuisine including seafood, stews, cheeses and most famously, cider (sidra).

Fabada is a very typical and traditional dish, made with large white beans which have usually been dried and then soaked overnight. These are then stewed with shoulder of pork, chorizo, blood sausage and saffron to create a hearty and warming dish.

Join us in March as we celebrate Asturias, the home of our Group Executive Chef, Nacho Manzano, where mountains meet coast.


Sidrería pop-up at Ibérica Victoria

For Asturians, life happens at the sidrería (cider bar). We have transformed our restaurant to become our very own sidrería. During the whole month experience the fun of cider pouring alongside Asturian cheese flights as you’ll do if you were in Asturias.


Asturian Cider & Cheese Experience – Wednesday 6th March at Ibérica Farringdon

Discover the Asturian sidrería culture. Learn how to pour (escanciar sidra) the Asturian way guided by our skilled Asturian bartenders. Taste our selection of ciders accompanied by Asturian artisan cheeses and enter our pouring competition, if you’re feeling brave!


English vs Spanish Cider Tasting – Wednesday 13th March at Ibérica Marylebone & Thursday 28th March at Ibérica Manchester

Hosted by our drinks educator, Alison Taffs, and our Asturian Group Head Bartender Nacho, you will be guided through a comparative tasting of Asturian and English cider and perry, accompanied by our Asturian special dishes. We’ll finish with a pair of unique and remarkable drinks: Spanish ice cider and English Somerset cider brandy.


Taste Asturias – Wednesday 20th March at Ibérica Victoria

Celebrate Asturias as José Pardo of Trabanco joins us for an evening of talking and tasting cider. Discover the mysteries of cider-making and learn the story behind Asturian cider. Expect cider-pouring demonstrations and regional Asturian bites in our sidrería.


Special food & drink menus

Asturian cuisine is hearty and homely. Our special menus this month feature a twist on the regional classics, inspired by filling meals made from home-reared and home-grown produce. Asturias is also the heartland of Spanish cider. Here, cider is a way of life. 

Nacho on Asturias from Ibérica Restaurants on Vimeo.