Nacho and Friends

Ibérica’s philosophy has always been to highlight the very best of Spain; its gastronomic traditions, its fantastic ingredients - and the dedicated farmers and artisans who produce them. So it’s only natural that we also look to champion and nurture our relationship with the country’s most exciting chefs.

We like to think of all the great chefs we’ve joined forces with as part of our extended family. We believe that working together and being open to new ideas pushes us all to do better and be more creative. It’s an essential part of Ibérica’s ideology. And the ultimate winners, as always, are our guests. 

Here, we aim to share some of Nacho's much-loved recipes, alongside dishes from some of our Chef friends'. We hope you enjoy our selection. 

Mushrooms, truffles, herbal with forest juice
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Pitu chicken rice
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Torto with Cabrales
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