Casimiro Mahou Bierhans had a dream: undertaking a beer business in a country entirely dedicated to wine. Unfortunately, he did not get to see, but his legacy and inspiration made his wife and children put up what ended up being one of the largest brewers of Spain.

The Collection of Special Beers Casimiro Mahou is the tribute of the current generation of Mahou family to life and values that guided the founder of this brewery. It’s composed of four exquisite beers inspired by the founder of the Mahou house with a “gourmet” touch.

Below you can find the exclusive collection of these artisan beers, their characteristics (taste, colour, etc.) and how Ibérica’s tapas match perfectly with each type of these beers.



Amaniel represents the family tradition. It is a bottom-fermented beer of golden colour and bright appearance, with an abundant creamy foam. Amaniel is made with three kinds of malt and four types of hops to reach the 5.2 degrees of intense flavour.

It has floral notes of hops that give sweet notes of honey and caramel coming from the roasted malt and its taste is balanced between the sweetness of the malt and a slight bitterness that remains at the end of the drink.

Amaniel lager can be match with crustaceans such as shrimp or prawns, intensifying their strong flavour. Also can be paired with molluscs such as oysters, respecting its softness.


Marcenado – Wheat beer

Marcenado represents the destination where the expertise gets the know-how of a brewer. Its origin of wheat gives its characteristic turbidity as well as a refreshing and fruity personality. It is made of three kinds of malt and the kind Nugget hop to reach its 4.9 degrees. It has a deep gold colour, foamy rich and fluffy appearance.

Its aroma is spicy accompanied by pleasant fruity tones. It’s a very refreshing and easy to drink beer with a sweet caramel flavour with touches of citrus honey.

Marcenado can be paired with molluscs such as clams or scallops. Also can be matched with lightly spicy flavours.

The tapa created especially for this beer by Nacho Manzano is “Scallop with seaweed purée, hollandaise sauce & celery”.


Maravillas – Strong lager

Maravillas represents the entrepreneurial spirit of Casimiro Mahou. Its foam is thin and consistent and it’s made of three types of malt and four hops to reach its 7 degrees of intense flavour. It is an extra high alcohol content beer, with a bright and amber colour.

Maravillas has a sweet aroma of caramel provided by the toasted malts with herbal and citrus notes from the different kinds of hops. With an intense, persistent and balanced bitterness flavour that remains in the mouth.

The perfect pairing for Maravillas is the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota or others cured-meats, combining the savoury flavour from the meat with the sweetness of this exquisite beer. Also is a good ingredient for sauces and stews, to match spicy flavours or to pair seafood and meats.

For this strong beer Nacho Manzano has created “Taco of quail with marinated apple”.


Jacometrezo – Ale beer

Jacometrezo is a tribute to the originality with an intense red colour result of a complex development in the original and unique selection of ingredients and manufacturing processes. It is a high fermentation beer of intense and bright colour, with a persistent and beige foam. It is produced with four kinds of malt and four hops to get its intense flavour of 6.4 degrees.

It has a balanced and complex aroma, with spicy clove and coriander notes, as well as a fruity personality. And its flavour is characterised by notes of toasted cereal, caramel and sweet with a lightly acidity and bitterness being remained in the mouth.

Jacometrezo is the best beer to accompany a dessert because of its toasted and sweet flavour. Also it can be matched with meat.

The special tapa created for this tasteful beer is “Morteruelo with wild mushrooms vinaigrette & pine nut”.


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