This festive season, we have four group dining menus for you to choose from our; Clásico, Ibérica, Gastronomía or, for truly memorable festive celebrations, Navidad.

Our Navidad menu is inspired by a traditional Spanish Christmas feast and features showstopping sharing dishes just like you’d see on a festive family dining table across the different regions of Spain.

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London restaurants:

  • 22nd to 26th December: closed
  • 27th to 31st December: normal opening hours
  • 1st and 2nd January: closed
  • From 3rd January: normal opening hours resume

Manchester, Leeds & Glasgow restaurants:

  • 23rd to 26th December: closed
  • 27th to 31st December: normal opening hours
  • 1st and 2nd January: closed
  • From 3rd January: normal opening hours resume

All of our group menus are available for parties of 8 or more guests when dining between 4th November and 31st January. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you.

Book a group meal to dine with us between 4th – 24th November and every guest will receive a complimentary glass of cava.

¡Feliz Navidad!

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This year to celebrate our 10th anniversary we’ve been taking our guests on a regional tour to celebrate the wide variety of culture, tradition, food and drink across Spain.

Christmas in Spain is all about sharing. Sharing food, sharing gifts and sharing traditions. Here we’ve stopped at all the regions we’ve visited so far, to see what food is special to them at Christmas time and how it has influenced our group dining menus this season.



Asturias was the first stop on our regional tour and is the home of our Executive Chef Nacho Manzano. Life there revolves around the sea, and Asturias Christmas tables feature fish and seafood dishes together with traditional cheeses. Casadielles, the featured dessert during our Asturian month, is a traditional sweet treat eaten across the region during the Christmas festivities.



In Madrid, Spain’s capital, the second stop on our regional tour, they showcase Spanish cured meats and seafood with oven-baked fish, lamb or suckling pig to follow. Madrilenians also love churros with chocolate, being the regional sweet treat for all Christmas festivities and the traditional family breakfast on 1st January.



Castilla-La Mancha the third biggest region in Spain celebrates Christmas and Carnival at the same time. Roasted lamb or baked cod are the showstoppers of the family table, followed by traditional Castilian sweets, such as the classic bizcocho borracho, meaning drunk cake. A traditional sponge cake soaked in wine and syrup, or marzipan, famously made in Toledo since the XII century.



Galician tables wouldn’t be complete without a wide variety of local seafood, of course, and some more traditional dishes follow for the feast. Cod with cauliflower seasoned with olive oil and garlic is one of the most demanded dishes on a Galician Christmas table, followed by the classic Capón de Vilalba, a tender Galician cockerel specially bred to be stuffed and eaten at Christmas time.



Live music, festive lights and impressive nativity scenes. Andalucía knows how to celebrate Christmas.  The parties wouldn’t be complete without a banquet of seafood and cured meats followed by fish or suckling pig. Mantecados, pestiños, polvorones, alfajores… the region’s famous desserts leave a sweet finish to the Andalusian Christmas table.