A Taste of Castilla-La Mancha

This November, we are celebration the region of Castilla-La Mancha renowned for its rich and diverse culinary traditions. Characterised by a deep connection to the land and an appreciation for simple yet flavourful ingredients, join us for a special selection of tapas, wines and deli products.

With an unwavering commitment to preserving the flavours and culinary heritage of the region, our Chef Patron Nacho Manzano created a tantalising journey through Castilla-La Mancha’s gastronomic delights. Dishes like Atascaburras, known for its rustic simplicity and robust flavours, and Partridge pâté, a delicacy that showcases the rich and gamey flavours of partridge meat in a luxurious and spreadable form; are on the menu and showcase Castilla-La Mancha’s food traditions in every bite.

The Menu

A land famous for its arts, crafts, and culture, join us as we celebrate Castilla-La Mancha with specially curated dishes inspired by its rich history and stunning landscapes that pay homage to the diverse and bountiful flavours and ingredients of the region. Our culinary journey invites you to savour the essence of this Spanish heartland, where the simplicity of rural life intertwines with the vibrancy of Spanish tradition. To complement these exquisite flavours, we have exclusively hand-picked wines from the region, pairing each dish with the perfect, locally-sourced vintages.

Cerrón cheese 9.5

24-month cured Organic goat‘s cheese, ’Super Gold Medal’ World cheese award winner (gf) (o)

Atascaburras 10
A traditional centuries old Shepherds dish

Salted cod and potato mash, served with a boiled egg and topped with walnuts (gf)

Partridge pâté 11

Garnished with black garlic, Palo Cortado sherry jelly, silverskin pickled onions, juniper berries and orange zest, served on toasted seeded bread

Partridge timbale 11.5
Our take on a Shepherd’s pie

Classically cooked partridge with seasonal vegetables, potato purée and finished with a partridge demi-glace (gf)

Cala No.1 (2019)

Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet. La Mancha (v) (o)
10.8 (150ml) | 24.75 (375ml) | 49 (750ml)

Entero (2022)

Macabeo. Manchuela (ve) (o)
9.75 (150ml) | 22.75 (375ml) | 45 (750ml)

Dulce Enero Ice Sweet Wine (2022) 

Petit Manseng. Manchuela (ve) (o)
6.75 (50ml) | 63 (500ml)

Got (2020)

Bobal. Manchuela (ve) (o)
12.8 (150ml) | 29.25 (375ml) | 58 (750ml)

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