Asturias – where it all began

Starting this February, we will take you on a unique ‘road trip’ across Spain to discover the country’s vibrant and varied cuisine. We are thrilled to bring these flavours to your table here in the UK and providing you with a true experience of Spanish gastronomy, beginning with the region of Asturias – where it all began!

The northern landscape of Asturias holds a special place in our Michelin-starred Chef Patron Nacho Manzano’s heart. It is here that he draws upon traditional flavours and seasonal ingredients to create dishes which capture both the essence of his home region, as well as unique tastes from across Spain. ‘My surroundings are vital in my cuisine and when I talk about this, I mean that in Asturias the month of May smells and tastes totally different from November’ – Nacho.

Fabada Asturiana

fresh fabes (beans) stew with chorizo, morcilla and pancetta

Calamares en su tinta

squid ink stew topped with fried potatoes

Rey Silo and Honey Cider

creamy Rey Silo cheese, honey cider caramel, crunchy hazelnuts

We will be serving an exclusive curated menu that highlights the best of Asturian cuisine, available from 1st February through to 31st March. The region is renowned for its high-quality seafood, cheese and hearty meats. Indulge in a staple of Asturian cuisine with our ‘fabada’ bean stew, usually reserved for special occasions and holidays. Meanwhile, cider made from locally grown apples is considered the regional “wine”. It pairs perfectly with our Asturian dishes, creating an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and introducing you to the wonderful flavours of Spain’s Green Coast region!

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