Ajoblanco with Artichoke and grapes

A picture of Ajoblanco



Time of preparation: 20 minutes

30g Marcona almonds
20g ciabatta breadcrumbs (migas)
35g of Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive oil Peñarubia 
1/2 a very small garlic clove blanched
½ teaspoon of sherry vinegar
100ml mineral water

80g Artichoke hearts
40g Green grapes
12g Roasted Hazelnuts


Soak the almonds overnight with the mineral water.
Next day, drain the almonds and keep the water for later. Blend the almonds, garlic, salt and bread in a blender on maximum speed until all blitzed. Follow adding olive oil and sherry vinegar. Add the water to achieve the density of a cream but not thick. Taste and add more sherry vinegar if required.

Chill to serve

Meanwhile cut artichokes cut in quarters
Half grapes and break a few almonds into pieces
Pour the ajoblanco mix in the bottom of a shallow bowl
Place artichokes around outside and scatter grapes in between
Finish with the crush almonds and a good drizzle of Peñarrubia oil.

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